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a woman getting a facial
a woman getting a facial
A Woman getting her face massaged during her facial treatment
A Woman getting her face massaged during her facial treatment

Meet Isabella

In the heart of Isa's Esthetics Las Vegas, you'll find me, Isabella, your devoted guide to revealing your inner beauty. As a sole proprietor and Advanced Esthetician, I embrace the philosophy that true beauty starts from within. My approach is centered on delivering personalized care, tailoring skincare solutions to meet your individual needs and desires.

My range of expertise encompasses more than just facial treatments; I am proficient in a wide array of beauty services. This includes full body waxing, with options ranging from Brazilian to bikini waxes, providing a comprehensive beauty care experience. Furthermore, I offer lash lifting and tinting services, designed to accentuate the natural allure of your eyes and enhance your overall appearance.

Whether your aim is to bring out your skin’s inherent radiance, tackle specific skin issues, explore the transformative power of professional waxing, or amplify your beauty with lash enhancements. I invite you to step into a professional and diverse environment, where your skin care needs are met with the utmost attention and care, allowing you to relax and unwind under my expert guidance. .

Step into a space where your beauty and well-being are cultivated to their highest potential, empowering you to radiate confidence and elegance.

Image of the Owner of Isa's Esthetics
Image of the Owner of Isa's Esthetics

Our Services

Discover the perfect facial to meet your skin's needs with our specialized menu. Each treatment is designed to offer you a unique experience, ensuring your skin feels rejuvenated, hydrated, and vibrant. Welcome to a world where your skin's health and glow are our top priority.

- BOOST Facial - $70 (45 minutes)

- Immerse yourself in relaxation and let your worries melt away with our nourishing BOOST facial. Designed to leave your skin radiant, this facial is perfect for first-timers or those in need of a gentle uplift.

- HYDRATION Facial - $75 (55 minutes)

- Combat the dry desert climate with our HYDRATION facial. Tailored to replenish, revive, and intensely rehydrate, this treatment is the oasis your skin has been craving.

- MICRODERMABRASION Facial - $90 (45 minutes)

- Experience revitalized skin with our noninvasive MICRODERMABRASION facial. By gently removing dull and dead skin cells, this treatment reveals smoother, softer skin beneath, ideal for achieving a more even texture.

- AGE DEFYING Facial - $90 (45 minutes)

- Our innovative AGE DEFYING facial employs low electric currents to stimulate fresh cell growth, collagen production, and increased blood flow for oxygen-rich skin. Leave feeling fresher, tighter, and deeply moisturized.

- ACNE Facial - $90 (60 minutes)

Specifically designed for acne-prone skin, our ACNE facial deeply purifies and unclogs pores while soothing inflammation. Utilizing targeted products and technologies, this treatment helps combat acne, reducing redness and irritation.

Each facial is a step towards unlocking your skin's natural radiance. Embrace a journey of transformation with our expertly curated treatments, designed to cater to your every need. Visit us and let your skin's beauty shine through.

Our Facial Services Menu
Brows and Lashes Menu

Our lash lifting and tinting services are perfect for enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes and achieving a stunning, wide-eyed look.

a woman getting a facial mask with a mask on her face
a woman getting a facial mask with a mask on her face
a woman with a large eyeliners and a pair of lashes
a woman with a large eyeliners and a pair of lashes
Lash Lift- $80 25 minutes

This semi-permanent lift and curl of your natural lashes is a lot like a perm, but for your lashes. Perfect for those who have medium to long, but super straight lashes. Results should last 2 to 3 months.

Lash Tint- $40- 25 minutes

Mascara? IDK her... Let's darken your natural lashes adding a special dye, giving you weeks of dark full lashes without the assistance of mascara. Great for those with very fine and light colored lashes. Results should last about 2 months.

Brow Tint- $45 20 minutes
Brow Lamination- $90 30 minutes

Bye-bye brow gel! This is a process of perming your brow hairs,but instead of curls you get straighter, upward facing hairs that are set in place. It will get rid of the appearance of bare patches and irregular hairs, as make thin brows look way fuller. Those who have to use brow gel on a daily basis will love this. Results should last 2 to 3 months.

Ready to save about 10 minutes every time you do your makeup? Let's enhance, shape, and define your brows by applying semi-permanent dye. Great for those who have light colored brow hair. Last about 2 months

Brow Lamination and Tint Combo- $110
Lash and Tint Combo-$100

**All lifts and tints are performed with Beautiful Brows and Lashes products**

Cluster Full Set $100 Fill $50

Cluster Eyelash Extensions service offers an exquisite way to amplify your natural beauty. This service provides a voluminous, yet natural-looking enhancement to your lashes. Cluster extensions involve applying small groups of lashes to your existing eyelashes, creating a fuller and more dramatic effect without the need for daily mascara application.

This technique allows for a customizable look, ranging from subtly enhanced to glamorously bold, depending on your personal style and occasion. With attention to detail and a gentle touch, I use high-quality adhesives and materials to ensure your comfort and the longevity of your lashes. Experience the transformation and enjoy waking up every day with perfectly lush, beautiful lashes.

Volume Full Set $190 Fill $95

Our Volume Lash Extensions service, is the epitome of luxury for your lashes.

This advanced technique involves applying multiple ultra-thin extensions to each natural lash, creating a rich, dense, and fluffy look that adds unparalleled volume and depth to your eyes.

Tailored to your personal style and the specific lushness you desire, this service is ideal for those seeking a dramatic, eye-catching effect while maintaining the integrity and health of their natural lashes.

Utilizing only the finest, lightweight extensions and safe, long-lasting adhesives to ensure a comfortable experience and enduring beauty. Are you ready to embrace the transformative power of Volume Lash Extensions and revel in the luxury of waking up every day with effortlessly stunning, full lashes that captivate and enchant ?

Classic Full Set $90 Fill $45

Classic eyelash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that enhance the length and volume of natural lashes. They involve the application of individual synthetic lashes onto each existing lash, creating a fuller and more dramatic look.

These extensions are carefully chosen to match your natural lashes, resulting in a seamless and natural appearance. Classic eyelash extensions are perfect for those who desire a more subtle and timeless look, as they provide a defined and elegant effect.

This treatment involves meticulously bonding each extension to your natural lashes with a safe and gentle adhesive. With the right care and maintenance, these extensions can beautifully enhance your eyes for several weeks. Imagine waking up every day to effortlessly stunning lashes, ready to take on the world with confidence and grace.

Hybrid Full Set $120 Fill $60

At Isa's Esthetics Las Vegas, our Hybrid Lash Extension service, offers the perfect blend of volume and length, achieving a beautifully balanced and bespoke lash look. This service skillfully combines the application of individual lash extensions and volume fans, tailoring the outcome to complement your unique eye shape and desired fullness.

Whether you're aiming for a look that's subtly enhanced or strikingly dramatic, the hybrid technique provides a customizable solution that caters to a wide range of preferences.

My commitment to using premium-grade adhesives and materials ensures not only the stunning appearance of your lashes but also their health and durability. Are you ready to transform your lashes into a masterpiece of beauty, making every glance a statement of elegance and confidence?

ARMS- $35
BACK- $50
LEGS- $55
BROW- $15
CHIN- $15
NOSE- $10

Waxing times are dependent on amount of hair in the area being serviced

Waxing Menu

Happy Clients

I had the Age Defying Galvanic facial and my skin looks and feels amazing! Highly recommend Isa's Esthetics Las Vegas.
Image of Happy Client wearing white V-neck shirt
Image of Happy Client wearing white V-neck shirt
The lash lifting service made my lashes look so voluminous and beautiful. I'm obsessed!


a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair
a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair

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